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Knitties are fun-loving and gentle spirits roaming the Cardano blockchain. Knitties embody the hopes and dreams of those who adopt them and love meeting and playing with other Knitties.

The Knitties project team aim to create an accessible social gaming experience powered by NFTs through Knittie Nook. In this handcrafted world, collectors can meet, build and share kindness and inspiration through their Knitties.



Andrew King

Creator / Shader Wrangler

"Hello! I'm Andrew, and I have been working in the creative industry as a Technical Artist and tool developer for over twenty years. I am also a Senior Lecturer of Game Art at one of the largest Universities in the UK. Knitties has been a passion project for me since March 2021. I love building and exploring the wonderful world of Knitties along with our fantastic community."


Adam Dean

Tech / Bouncer

"I've been a full-stack developer since 2008 and joined the Cardano community in 2019 during the Incentivized Test Net era. I published the very first Cardano on-chain metadata and some of the earliest Cardano NFTs. Knitties were my first deep-dive into the realm of NFTs and I've never looked back. They are cute, wholesome, cuddly, and fun and I love them."


Chris Taylor

Community Manager / Booster Boss

"Hey, I'm Chris. Commonly known to friends & family as Tay, which is the origin of my po'tay'to based username. Knitties was my first introduction to NFT's (my first mint) and have been an active community member ever since. I feel genuinely privileged to support a project I love by assisting with community engagement and moderation."

Season 1

Knitties Season One launched in April 2021. It was the third 10K drop on Cardano and the first to do so with the Buffy Bot queue system.

Every Season One (S1) Knittie has a unique combination of yarns, expression, prop and accessories, with its unique number displayed on a label attached to the leg. There are also twenty-six ultra-rare Black Label knitties, the most sought after of the S1 collection.

Season 2

Knitties Season Two began in August 2021 and is an ongoing season ending in Q4 of 2022, adding more characters to the world of Knitties, all of which have full 3D AR functionality.

Season Two Knittie drops consist of sets of themed Knitties, each with four different rarity variants. In addition there are some unique one off special Knitties included in this series. We are proud to have collaborated with some fantastic artists for each of the S2 characters.

Season 2 Quick Reference Poster

How to Buy

The original sale of Knitties have sold out. In order to purchase a Knittie, this will need to be done using a secondary marketplace for Cardano NFTs.

To explore Knitties as well as available listings across multiple marketplaces you can check CNFT Tools listings for Season 1 Knitties and Season 2 Knitties.

A Knittie Tale

Knitties History

  • March ‘21 - Knitties founded
  • 23rd April ‘21 - Season 1 mint begins
  • 5th May ‘21 - Season 1 sold out
  • July ‘21 - Ludotoken created
  • 14th July ‘21 - Shark Knit 1 of 1 special edition for charity auction
  • August ‘21 - Knittie Nook alpha v0.0.1 released (including interoperability with other CNFT projects)
  • Season 2 Knitties first drop, Set A:
    • Jet - Sept ‘21
    • Felix - Sept ‘21
    • Astro - Oct ‘21
    • Zero - Oct ‘21
    • Thumper - Nov ‘21
  • Oct ‘21 - Sudo special airdrop to cNFTcon Legacy Pass holders
  • Nov ‘21 - Helix special airdrop to full S2 set holders
  • Dec ‘21 - Knitties in AR photo competition - winner received a full S2 set A + Helix
  • Jan ‘22 - Alex Moloko airdrop for alpha achievement holders
  • Jan/Feb ‘22 - Knittie Nook visual developments & website refresh
  • Mar ‘22 - Knittimals first drop (Doggies & Kitties)
  • Season 2 Knitties second drop, Set B:
    • Raven - May ‘22
    • Switch - May ‘22
    • Maxi - Jul ‘22
    • Sparrow - Aug ‘22
    • Chief - Aug ‘22
  • May ‘22 - Data Doggie: a storytelling "Blue Label" Knittie treasure hunt to accompany Switch
  • Aug ‘22 - Last Knit special airdrop to full Season 2 Set B holders
  • Aug ‘22 - Cosmo special airdrop to full Season 2 (Set A & B) holders
  • Sep ‘22 - Knitties hoodies from NFT-Link
  • Oct ‘22 - Knitties at cNFTcon!
    • Physical collectible cards
    • Swag bags
    • Stickers
    • Wristbands
    • Patches

Work In Progress

  • Knittie Nook alpha release
  • More community fun, game nights and giveaways
  • Knitties merch

Aspirational Explorations

  • Cosmo going to space
  • Interactive locations within Knittie Nook
  • Photo Studio / PFP Maker (accessible within Knittie Nook)
  • 3D printable Knittie
Data Doggie