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You should never blindly trust a downloadable, executable program from the internet. Always scan all downloads with a trusted antivirus program.

These demos utilize the LudoToken and NFT-MAKER PRO APIs for read-only information about your wallet that is part of the public ledger.

We will never ask for your wallet keys or spending password and you should never give these out to anyone, ever.


When utilizing the in-game "Selfie NFT" feature, please remember to never send funds from an exchange and only use a Cardano Shelley-Era wallet.

Knitties Demo v0.0.3

Final Alpha Community Input Test

This version includes a "Selfie Preview" plus badges for already having an achievement plus other Easter eggs.

Knitties Demo v0.0.3 - Windows
Download [Zip]
Knitties Demo v0.0.3 - Mac
Download [Zip]

Knitties Demo v0.0.2

Alpha Community Input Test

This version fixes a minor issue with the serialization of in-game "selfie" achievement NFT generation.

Knitties Demo v0.0.2 - Windows
Download [Zip]
Knitties Demo v0.0.2 - Mac
Download [Zip]

Knitties Demo v0.0.1

Alpha Community Input Test

Achievement NFT was broken and has been disabled. Do not use. Only left here for legacy/historical purposes.
Knitties Demo v0.0.1 - Windows
Download [Zip]
Knitties Demo v0.0.1 - Mac
Download [Zip]

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